What if?

What if?

What if my bank app could do much more than basic stuff?

What if?

Just take a cusroy look --
So basic - transfers, payment, buy airtime & dara, apply for loans...
Basic stuffs!

What if?

I dont think in the future, people wull want to just do only basic things -- which a wallet from every other fintech could do; if not way better.

Why can't my Bank app make predications -- using my cash flow for the last X years I've banked with them?

If I use it as my salary account, why can't it tell my networth or make preducations about my networth if I continued on the same salary?

      Tax calculations? Why must I sign up to my pension mangers app to know my pension contributions?

What if it should a cool intereactive hsitruy of my bills -- on entertainment, eat-outs, Netflix

and possible share prompt or notifications if I need to make adjustments to aviod Sapa?

      Why can't it help me budget smarter?

      Help with finaicial adviosury?

      Investment? - why can't I see options for investment regardless of my income level? Why?

Why cant my bank app do so much more?

What if my bank app could do so much more?
What if?

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