Book Review: Am I Being Fooled? By Emmanuel Iren

This book is a critical and investigative work brilliantly written in a bid to answer some very salient questions with regards to the Christian Faith, Walk & God.

The book has the following 6 chapters;

  1. Is there A God?
  2. Is the Bible True?
  3. Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?
  4. Didn’t the Bible Support Slavery?
  5. Good God or Not?
  6. If there is a God, why is there so much evil in the world?

Chapter 2 – Is the Bible True? is my favourite chapter which also happens to be the longest chapter in the book. Why? It’s an extensive read which gave off the impression that the author had ample time to lay foundations, give historical precedents and make a presentation that would pass for proper academic research void of any time constraints and exigencies.

I enjoyed the author’s investigative and philosophical styled approach used in answering the above-mentioned questions; particularly the use of historical precedence to debunk several popular, albeit, wrong views.

This work would easily pass for academic research and Christian classic. It was well put together, structured with simplistic language and less verbosity. It can be completed in one sitting. However, I do not advise nor recommend such; as some of the points shared have got so much depth, although masked by their seeming simplicity. This book ought to be re-read several times to maximize the richness of such simple yet profound and timeless truth.

I recommend this book for both believers and non-believers.

For Believers:

It would help strengthen your convictions, furnish you with new information and perspective about your faith. To add, while it may not be an instruction manual, it will help you learn how best to approach sharing the Gospel with learned individuals – putting you in a much grounded and informed position, ready to give an answer to those who question your faith. Overall, it will make you a much-rounded evangelist – equipping you to further do the work of ministry in today’s world.

For Non-Believers:

This work, if read with an open mind, will answer your questions about the Christian faith and hopefully point you to one central truth; God is inherently good; Jesus is alive, and the Bible isn’t some scam or brilliantly put together concoction with several do’s and don’ts that a bunch of mindless anti-social morons follow so blindly.

It is my hope (and prayer) that this book helps answer all your personal questions and confusions around the existence of God, if really Jesus rose from the dead, the seeming appearance of the Bible’s support of slavery, and how it appears that a loving God would allow so much evil in the world.

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