28 Lessons

Earlier in the month I was speaking with a group of friends — reminiscing how far we’ve come and our unique experiences, and how they further strengthened and shaped our current realities and convictions.

While speaking, it dawned on me that I should put together a few of those lessons which I’ve garnered and learnt from almost 3 decades of my personal experiences, observations and a few exceptional people I have had the privilege to learn from.

Here are 28 lessons I’ve learnt and I endeavour to live by;

  1. Spend twice the time you spend with men alone with God. Time spent with God is never wasted. Ultimately, your world will thank you for it.
  2. Find God very early in life. You’ll reduce your error rate.
  3. There’s a strange joy you only experience while serving. Truly, it pays to serve Him.
  4. God is a Good Father. He’ll take care of you — only to the degree you allow Him.
  5. The Word of God in your mouth is as powerful in God’s mouth. Confess it daily.
  6. Drop food and touch God — at least once a week.
  7. You can’t outgive God — although it’s cute trying.
  8. Speed and Restoration are possibilities in God. You need both — especially if you’re Nigerian/African.
  9. There is a place for hard work. There is a place for Favour. You need both.
  10. Relationships. You are the sum of average of the quality of relationships in your life. Buy Relationships.
  11. Be gracious and patient with people. They will eventually change — but not when you expect or want them to.
  12. If you knew better, you would act better. Be intentional about acquiring knowledge. It is extremely difficult but worth it.
  13. Be intentional about contributing significantly to the net positive gains of the world. That’s a sure path to sustainable riches.
  14. Never say you are a youth. Dream Big or Go Home.
  15. Dear brothers, the world is not so kind to men. Find purpose and pursue it relentlessly and unashamedly. That’s how you’ll stand out.
  16. You owe your parents everything. Honour them.
  17. God made and designed us to function effectively in a bunch. Find your company and ensure you are all growing together.
  18. If you take care of God’s business. He’ll see that yours are sorted.
  19. Serving God is the greatest privilege of one’s life. Do it excellently and never take it for granted.
  20. Childhood love stories are the purest — cherish them.
  21. My dear brothers, men are shields. Be accountable to someone. No one succeeds alone.
  22. Never fight alone.
  23. Borrow vessels, not a few. The oil is only mandated to stop when there are no more vessels. Build capacity.
  24. 5 Foundations of every great man; Integrity, Diligence, Loyalty, Persistence and the ‘X’ factor.
  25. Travel, Travel and Travel. There is a whole new world to explore and experience. Your level of exposure can sometimes limit you.
  26. Learn to rest. Work no dey finish.
  27. Physical exercise profits little — but e still get profit. Tighten your abs.
  28. Nigeria is good. Africa is better. The entire world is the best.


  1. Be wary of the applause of men. Many have fallen because of this.
  2. The higher you rise in life, the more you’ll need the Help and Mercies of God. Endeavour to schedule seasonal heart-checks.
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